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A Frost Atronach makes up in strength what it lacks in speed. Its freezing grip can do lasting frost damage, and it can hurl icy chunks of its body great distances.


Tears of the SaviorEdit

S'drassa of the Mages Guild in Leyawiin has tasked the Hero to find Garridan's Tears. S'drassa enjoys collecting crystals of a magical nature, and is willing to pay a handsome amount gold for each Tear recovered. The Hero should continue to speak to him about these unique formations.



  • Frostfire Atronach Gladeguard
  • Frostfire Atronach Gladeling
  • Frostfire Atronach Gladelord – Found in Frostfire Glade as part of the side quest "Tears of the Savior."
  • Frostfire Atronach Gladewarden


  • Can be summoned as an ally/minion using the expert-level conjuration spell, summon frost atronach. They can also be created at the Atronach Altar in Frostcrag Spire using three frost salts.
  • Summoned frost atronachs do not drop frost salts (as they leave no corpse). They can, however, be soul trapped. They make excellent minions, as they are capable up close and at range, have damage reflection, are tough and heal themselves.
  • Frost atronachs created at the atronach altar persist until destroyed or another atronach is created at the altar.
  • There is a frost atronach used as a pedestal for the book at the entrance to Frostcrag Spire. The arm is the only thing visible. The rest of the body can be seen by crouching and using a fire spell on the ice below the hand, while looking at the blast.


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  • If a Frost Atronach is conjured in close proximity to a character, it may fall and crush them, killing them instantly. It is unknown if this is a glitch or if Bethesda intended for this to happen.


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