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Frost Dragons are a type of dragon in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. They are larger in appearance than blood or brown dragons and their powerful frost attacks may kill the Dragonborn before they even see what they are fighting. However, even though they are much stronger than their weaker cousins, they will still fight in the same manner.

Physical appearance[]

Frost dragons are predominantly white, with black and purple sections on their head, neck, wings, tail, and legs. Their eyes are icy blue and seem to glow in their sunken-in black sockets. Their heads are covered with jagged black frills, and their backs feature rows of long, sharp black spines. Their wings are tattered, and their tail is tipped with a larger spade shape.



Frost dragons begin by remaining airborne, blasting the ground with their frost breath. This frost breath is significantly stronger than that used by other dragons, and can drain one's stamina instantly. Frost dragons can also use the Frost Breath shout, which fires a blast of intense cold much further than their standard breath.

If the Dragonborn is a fighter, invest in cold-resistant potions and armor, stamina potions, and stamina regeneration jewelry/armor. Being a Nord or a vampire provides a 25% resistance to frost damage. When safe, pelt the dragon with arrows from a bow, preferably enchanted with fire damage, and seek cover when it attacks.

If the Dragonborn is a mage, invest in cold-resistant armor and cast fire spells. Frost dragons take 50% more damage from fire, so plenty of Magicka and high-level Destruction will make short work of them. A staff of Firebolt or Fireball accompanied by a Steadfast Ward allows one to continually blast the dragon, even when in the direct line of fire.


Once the dragon lands, strafe around it to avoid its breath and bite, and attack it. If ones weapon is enchanted with fire damage, it should quickly bring the dragon down. Power attacks will stagger it and interrupt its attacks, but be mindful not to get caught in its breath, as it will reduce stamina.

If the Dragonborn is a mage, they can attack the dragon with Firebolt or Fireball spells. The Impact perk in the school of Destruction can make the fight easier, as each dual-casted spell can stagger the dragon, in addition to dealing significant damage.


  • Frost dragons may appear in weaker form before the Dragonborn reaches level 30. An example of this is at Sky Haven Temple. Those who reach this location before the quest "Alduin's Wall" have been known to encounter weak versions of frost dragons, named simply dragon.confirmation needed In some instances, the dragon encountered at Sky Haven Temple is named frost dragon explicitly. There is evidence of there being frost dragons in the fact that they primarily use Frost Breath, and the spikes on their backs.confirmation needed
  • There are also female frost dragons, but are rare. The only other dragons that can be females are: Blood Dragon, simply Dragon and Revered Dragon.confirmation needed



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  •  PC   360   PS3   Some frost dragons fly off into the distance, or air, when the Dragonrend shout is applied to them.
  •  PC   360   PS3   Sometimes, frost dragons do not supply dragon souls.
  •  360   PS3   Sometimes, the Frost Dragon appears as a basic greyish-green dragon model, lacking facial features, spines, or scales. It reverts to its normal texture after it has been defeated.
  •  PS3   Sometimes, when Dragonrend is used and it lands on a word wall, it might glitch and become invincible; if the area is returned to later, it will not be glitched, but the soul will be absorbed while it is still alive.
    •  PC (Fix)  : Go into the console and click the body. Type in markfordelete and it will be erased for good.
  •  PC   Sometimes, with the use of shock spells and the Disintegration perk, the dragon may turn into an ice pile upon death, like an ice wraith instead of disintegrating. If this occurs, no soul is given.
  • Sometimes, when fighting frost dragons not in a specific area, such as a word wall, firing a bow with a frost enchantment may make the frost dragon glow bright blue, even after death.
  • The frost breath used by this dragon currently only uses half of the sound effect.
  • A frost dragon encountered at Boethiah's shrine appeared to be essential; when it lost all of its health it merely flew off and returned later with restored health.
  • Like other dragons, it sometimes may randomly spawn on, or near, the player.