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Frostbite Spiders are creatures in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. They exist in several varieties and can be found throughout Skyrim's wilderness, as well as inside dungeons and mines (such as Redbelly Mine). They are also one of many arthropods found living in Skyrim. Frostbite Spiders are always aggressive and will attack almost anything on sight, with the exception of Lis.

"The Frostbite Spider is one of Skyrim's most fearsome and loathed native creatures."
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They will spit poisonous venom from afar during combat, which can be harvested and used on weapons after they are killed. Upon attacking, they will make a screeching or scuttling noise. They attack with their mandibles and legs when up close. In addition to their normal melee attacks, all Frostbite Spiders possess a dangerous leaping attack that they may use to initiate combat, which can easily kill an unsuspecting victim due to its long range and high damage. All of their attacks apply poison damage as well. Frostbite Spiders' health and strength depends on the size of the spider, though the white variants encountered in colder regions of Skyrim have higher health compared to their more temperate, red relatives. Their lairs are often strewn with webs which they can use to descend upon their unwary prey from above. Some of the egg sacs located within the lairs of Frostbite Spiders contain Spider Eggs, which are an ingredient used in alchemy.[1]

Dungeons containing Frostbite Spiders often have webbing around their entrances. Inside, webs frequently contain the desiccated corpses of creatures and adventurers. These webs may also hide chests, urns, or passages. While some can simply be walked through, others must be cut or burned away in order to proceed. While they are usually the sole inhabitants of their residences, Frostbite Spiders will occasionally share an abode with Vampires, Falmer, or other creatures, whom they are friendly with.


Frostbite Spider[]

Four sub-types of standard Frostbite Spiders exist, each with different amounts of health. They stand roughly as tall as a wolf, and commonly appear in small groups.

Subtype Level Health-icon MagickaIcon Stamina ArmorIcon Attacks Base ID Loot
Frostbite Spider (small, red) 1 15 0 25 Unknown 5 dmg + 3 poison dmg/sec for 3 secs 00023AAA Frostbite Venom
Frostbite Spider (small, white) 3 35 0 35 Unknown 5 dmg + 3 poison dmg/sec for 3 secs 00023AAC Frostbite Venom
Frostbite Spider (large, red) 6 150 0 200 Unknown 15 dmg + 5 poison dmg/sec for 3 secs 00041FB4 Frostbite Venom
Frostbite Spider (large, white) 8 220 0 235 Unknown 15 dmg + 5 poison dmg/sec for 3 secs 0004203F Frostbite Venom

Wounded Frostbite Spider[]

A single wounded Frostbite Spider appears in Bleak Falls Barrow. Its size and abilities are both slightly less than those of Giant Frostbite Spiders. Another one may be found in Ysgramor's Tomb, along with one in Dimhollow Crypt once Dawnguard is installed. Although rare, they may appear when fast traveling to Riverwood.

Giant Frostbite Spider[]

Giant Frostbite Spiders are a considerably larger, more fearsome type of Frostbite Spider. Standing slightly taller than the Dragonborn, they are most commonly found in caves. While Giant Frostbite Spiders do not live together, they are often accompanied by several minor Frostbite Spiders. When the Dragonborn reaches higher levels (around level 40), they become more common inside dungeons, especially those occupied by witches and hagravens, and it is not impossible to find two in the same room. At higher levels (mostly above 80), they are frequently found in the wild. Ironically, however, they do not become more common inside spider nests at higher levels. The may also be found as a random encounter in the wild, where two of them are fighting each other. Two sub-types exist, with differing amounts of health.

Subtype Level Health-icon MagickaIcon Stamina ArmorIcon Attacks Base ID Loot
Giant Frostbite Spider (red) 14 380 0 380 Unknown 45 dmg + 10 poison dmg/sec for 3 secs 00023AAB 1 or 2 Frostbite Venom
Giant Frostbite Spider (white) 17 510 0 510 Unknown 45 dmg + 10 poison dmg/sec for 3 secs 00023AAD 1 or 2 Frostbite Venom


Lis is a somewhat domesticated spider kept by Gabriella in the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary. She is friendly and will not attack Dark Brotherhood members unless provoked, or if the Dragonborn chooses to destroy the Dark Brotherhood. If Lis is killed or attacked in any way by the Dragonborn, it counts as attacking a Dark Brotherhood member and the Dragonborn must pay a fine.


Nimhe, "The Poisoned One," is a unique named spider that inhabits the Nchuand-Zel Excavation Site beneath Markarth's Understone Keep.



  • In Riverwood, Frodnar and Dorthe can be overheard discussing dressing up Frodnar's dog, Stump, as a Frostbite Spider.
  • Their behavior would seem to be somewhat derived from the trap-door spider but reversed in that they create tunnels above the prey and drop down, as opposed to the usual underground approach.
  • Frostbite Spiders located at Harmugstahl have been enchanted with magical cloak spells, caused by an experiment by the fort's resident mage Kornalus Frey. Many of the spiders' corpses can be found lying on tables scattered around the cave. Once they have their venom removed from their inventory, they glow for a short period of time. Those that are still alive each have a magical coat that can be of fire, frost, or shock.
  • Cronvangr Cave is the only spider lair in Skyrim. Other places with spiders are in, for example, Falmer dungeons or caves, and only resemble a small grotto with a few eggs.
  • Spiders have no swimming animation. However, they do not stand at the water's edge, as most non-swimming creatures do. Rather, they walk into water as far as they can without having to swim and will walk in place, facing their foe.
  • Frostbite Spiders are vulnerable to their own venom, which can be observed if the Dragonborn attacks one with a weapon coated in frostbite poison or if one spider fights another due to a Frenzy spell. The spider will be lighted with the same dark greenish-blue glow that is consistent with all other creatures and characters poisoned by the venom.
  • Falmer seem to share a kinship with Frostbite Spiders, and often tame them as guardians or pets. Despite that, they are hostile towards Chaurus, even though the latter are also kept by the Falmer.
  • In a random event, it is possible to see two giant Frostbite Spiders throughout Skyrim fighting for a corpse, until one of them dies.
  • When idle, Frostbite Spiders may emit a purring sound. They will also create a distinctive rustling sound when walking.
  • Though they are referred to as "spiders" and can spin silk, frostbite spiders bear a closer resemblance to solifuges than they do actual spiders, due to their possession of clawed chelicera, enlarged pedipalps, and segmented abdomens.
  • The Frostbite Spiders' ranged venom attacks are classified as spells and therefore can be blocked by ward spells or the spell absorption effect.
  • Weak versions of Frostbite Spiders with reduced hit points and damage are encountered as part of the game's tutorial in the Helgen Keep caves.
  • In real life, frostbite is a form of injury or gangrene caused by exposure of skin tissue to extreme cold, not spider venom.


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  • If a Frostbite Spider lands its leaping bite attack on the Dragonborn while they are facing away, there is a chance that the game will crash.