Frostbite Venom is a common poison that can be applied to any weapon including conjured ones, but not spells. Once applied, the next hit will deliver the poison to the target, but will not be used if the weapon hits a wall, for example. (These rules apply to all other poisons as well. See here for full list)


  • Frostbite Venom can be harvested from the corpse of any type of Frostbite Spider. Additionally, the larger the spider, the more venom it is likely to yield, up to three samples.
  • Frostbite venom can also be found on shelves of some of the homes in Solitude, including Proudspire Manor.
  • One or two bottles can be found on the shelves inside the Thalmor Embassy, including Elenwen's Solar.
  • Harmugstahl is a fort that houses many Frostbite Spiders inside, several even already dead, which allows for ease of harvest.


Frostbite venom does 5 points of damage to Health and Stamina for 4 seconds. Some enemies (such as draugr) cannot be harmed by frostbite venom.




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