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Frostbreak Fortress served as a Breton stronghold deep within the Wrothgar territory. When the last Breton soldiers abandoned the fort, the place fell to disrepair. Every so often, an Orc clan would move in, but they soon fled, claiming that Breton ghosts haunted the ruins.

Chief Ghastzog, leader of the Marag clan, refused to be driven off and took the commander's quarters as his own. He loved using the Frostbreak Chalice, a goblet emblazoned with the seal of the fort, because he believed that everything drunk from the cup was imbued with restorative powers.

Other chiefs continued this tradition, and a great legend grew up around the ancient cup. Rumor has it what when Urfon Ice-Heart, the Reach warlord, took over the place, he sipped from the chalice and declared that it made his favorite wine taste foul. Then he hurled it out of the fortress to sink into the snow nearby.


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