"Please, take care of Frostcrag Spire. She was my home and much of myself is infused with the stone and mortar. May your journeys be safe, and the roads you travel free of danger."
Taris Rendil[src]

Frostcrag Spire or the Wizard's Tower is a large structure located east of the city of Bruma in the Jerall Mountains of Cyrodiil. The spire was the brain child of Taris Rendil, who was the Arch-Mage of the Arcane University during the Oblivion Crisis.

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The Frostcrag Spire is located on the eastern peaks of the Jerall Mountains, the large mountain range that takes up the Northern border. One of the highest summits has the Frostcrag Spire, giving the tower a view of the entire Nibenay and even the province of Cyrodiil. The Spire can be considered in County Bruma, since the city of Bruma is the closest settlement to the area. Gnoll Mountain, which is one of the many mountaintops of the Jeralls, and is not far from the Frostcrag Spire. The mountain base is surrounded by a variety of ruins ranging from Fort Horunn and Sedor. The Spire had been left alone for many years and has remained intact ever since its inception.

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The Frostcrag Spire was built in the last year of the third era, in 3E 433 by Taris Rendil, the Arch-Mage of the Arcane University of the Imperial City. Rendil was proficient in the arcane arts, having interest in both Enchanting and Spellcrafting, both had a deteriorating health. Sketching for days, Rendil designed and created the Frostcrag Spire, with all sorts of magical anomalies surrounding it. With the help of Sinderion, an Altmer with a passion for the Nirnroot, created the Frostcrag Apparatus, which was an Alchemy table that could create even the most complicated concoctions. When Rendil passed away, he sent the deed to a long-lost relative, who was an estranged warrior during the Oblivion Crisis. The warrior inhabited the Frostcrag Spire for quite some time. It is unknown whether that warrior still lives there or not, and if their relative inhabited the structure.[1][2][3]

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