Frostmoth Smugglers is the third quest in the main questline of The Elder Scrolls III: Bloodmoon.

Objectives[edit | edit source]

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Disappearing weapons[edit | edit source]

After the "Rebellion at Frostmoth" quest, Captain Falx Carius has a new assignment for the Nerevarine; weapons from Fort Frostmoth are being smuggled and sold in Vvardenfell. The Captain asks the Nerevarine to investigate and stop the operation. Carius offers to chose between two of his soldiers for companion during the quest: Saenus Lusius, or Gaea Artoria.

Lusius or Artoria[edit | edit source]


Lusius, who can be found in the General Quarters, can assist in completing the quest by negotiating with the smuggler's chief, Gualtierus Spurius, although he admits to not being a good fighter.


Artoria, who can be found in the General Quarters Upper level, is a great warrior, she will not help negotiate, as she only wants to "crush some skulls."

Investigation[edit | edit source]

If Lusius is chosen, he will direct the Nerevarine to Zeno Faustus, the Imperial blacksmith of Fort Frostmoth, who can be found in the Armory. Faustus, with a disposition above 60, will mention hearing soldiers talking about Gandrung Caverns and the weapon smuggling.

If Artoria is chosen, she will suggest talking with a guard, who will direct the Nerevarine to Zeno Faustus. This time, Faustus needs a disposition above 80 to be convinced. Zeno will then, reveal information about the smuggling and its location.

Gandrung caverns[edit | edit source]

Note: The only difference, between having Lusius or Artoria, is whether the smuggler's chief will survive or not. All other smugglers are hostile no matter who was chosen. The chief is located in the furthest section of the cavern. He will not be hostile if Lusius is there, and will offer the unique Nordic Axe of Paralysis. Although, this still leaves Lusius having to fight his way through all the other smugglers, and is most likely going to die in the process, unless he was asked to wait outside. Whereas, with Artoria, she will easily survive all fights, and the smuggler's chief won't.

The Gandrung Caverns are northeast of the Fort, and the entrance is facing the water, hidden by large rocks. If Lusius was chosen, the Nerevarine can negotiate with Gualtierus Spurius, who will offer the Nerevarine everything in the Cave and the Nordic Axe of Paralysis, if his life is spared. This offer can be declined as well. If Artoria was chosen, the Nerevarine can only enter battle with the smugglers.

The five smugglers are equipped with weapons that are enchanted with paralyze.

Attack on Fort Frostmoth[edit | edit source]

The fort after the attack

After ending the smuggling operation and once back at Fort Frostmoth, the Nerevarine will find the fort has been attacked, and Captain Carius disappeared...

Note: If the character chosen to accompany the Nerevarine, dies during the quest, the other, waiting at the Fort, will become hostile towards the Nerevarine. Although, it is possible to use Calm Humanoid on them.

Reward[edit | edit source]

Journal[edit | edit source]

Frostmoth Smugglers – BM_Smugglers
ID Journal Entry
10 Captain Carius mentioned that he believes there is a problem with smugglers at Fort Frostmoth. He has noticed that the weapons stores are dangerously low, and he believes that someone must be smuggling them off the island.
  • Quest accepted
20 I should speak with either Saenus Lusius or Gaea Artoria to help me ferret out the smugglers. Captain Carius tells me that Saenus Lusius is one of his brightest soldiers, and Gaea Artoria one of his strongest. I'll be able to find Lusius in the General Quarters, and Artoria in the General Quarters, Upper Level.
30 I have chosen to work with Saenus Lusius to discover the smuggling ring here at Fort Frostmoth. He seems to be very knowledgeable, and should be a valuable companion. We are to find the smuggled goods and report to Captain Carius. We may deal with the smugglers as we see fit.
35 I have chosen to work with Gaea Artoria to discover the smuggling ring here at Fort Frostmoth. From what I gather, there is no finer warrior at the garrison. We are to find the smuggled goods and report to Captain Carius. We may deal with the smugglers as we see fit.
40 Saenus Lusius has suggested we speak with a few of the soldiers to see who may be involved in the smuggling ring. The first he suggests we speak with is Zeno Faustus, whom Lusius believes we may trust. He can be found in the Armory.
45 Gaea Artoria believes we should start talking to other soldiers, but does not know with whom to speak. She suggests simply intimidating some of the soldiers into giving up information on the smuggling ring.
50 One of the soldiers I've spoken with suggests that Zeno Faustus may have knowledge of the smuggling ring. I may be able to find him at the Armory here at the fort.
60 Zeno Faustus seems willing to speak with me about the smuggling ring, as he trusts Saenus Lusius.
65 Zeno Faustus seems reluctant to speak with me about the smuggling ring.
70 Zeno Faustus has suggested that we investigate the Gandrung Caverns northeast of the fort. He believes that this area has been used as a storage area for the stolen goods. If we are to break up the smuggling ring, we will have to kill all the smugglers, or come to some other sort of arrangement with them.
80 I have found the smugglers' cave that Zeno Faustus suggested we investigate.
90 One of the smugglers, Gualtierus Spurius, has offered me a deal because he knows and trusts Saenus Lusius. In exchange for sparing his life, he will leave Solstheim and the stolen goods behind. In addition, he will give me an axe to keep silent about his whereabouts.
93 I've accepted Gualtierus Spurius' offer, and will allow him to leave the island. He's given me a silver axe in return, and has suggested I can take whatever I like from his stash of stolen goods.
95 I've declined Gualtierus Spurius' offer. He tells me that I will need to kill him and all of his companions to end this smuggling operation.
97 All of the smugglers in the hideout have been defeated. I should report to Captain Carius.
100 I've returned to Fort Frostmoth to report to Captain Carius, but the Fort has been attacked in my absence.
  • Quest complete

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