"Customers should check in with the banker downstairs. I'm quite busy balancing the accounts right now."
―Frunda Wealth-Hoarder[src]

Frunda Wealth-Hoarder is a Nord working as an administrator at the repository in Anvil.


Honest WorkEdit


Show: Honest Work

"Ysmir's beard, those vile rumors will be the death of us! Don't the pirates know it takes constant attention to detail to keep a bank running smoothly?"

Having trouble balancing your books? I know a Dark Elf who can help. "If you're talking about that skeever, Raynor, then you can turn around and march right out of my office! That skinny Dark Elf had the audacity to tell me that my accounts weren't in order. I've seriously injured bigger men for lesser slights!"

[Intimidate] I'd be careful what you say about my friend, Raynor. An honest bank would want an honest worker. "Ha! You've got mead in your blood, that's for sure. So you vouch for this little snowback? You really think he can make sense of this tangled mess? All right. What do I have to lose? The Dark Elf's got a job. My books can't possibly get any worse."
I'll sent Raynor right over.
I'll inquire elsewhere, then.
If talked to again:

"If that Dark Elf is as good as you say when it comes to untangling our profit and loss ledgers, I'll give him a raise. And then I'll take him out to celebrate. I can't wait to see how well he handles his mead!"


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