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A Fugitive is a randomly encountered Imperial found in the wild.


He will run towards the Dragonborn to give them an item. The item is usually a low or mid-level enchanted weapon. He will then tell the Dragonborn to not "tell" on him, and will flee the scene. The Dragonborn can then choose to either kill him or leave him be.

Shortly after a decision is made, a hunter will meet the Dragonborn and ask if they have seen anyone come by. The Dragonborn can lie and deny that the fugitive was there, tell him the direction that he headed or give him the item that the fugitive left. Giving him the item results in a meager amount of GoldIcon as a reward.


  • The most profitable course of action when contending with this random event is to take the object from the fugitive. Then, when asked by the hunter, choose the option that says "He went that way," not giving up the item. The hunter will kill the fugitive, and, in turn, the Dragonborn can kill the hunter and loot both corpses. However, attacking the hunter near witnesses will result in a bounty.
  • Regardless of the Dragonborn's course of action, the fugitive will never react to it (aside from fleeing from the hunter). He will never ask for the item back, attack the Dragonborn for "snitching" to the hunter, or reprimand/attack the Dragonborn for giving it away.


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  •  PC   PS4   If the Dragonborn is in Beast Form, the fugitive can still approach, and exchange dialogue options with them.
  •  PC   360   Attacking the fugitive may cause him to run away and never appear again.
  •  PC   If the Dragonborn does not have the item in their inventory when the hunter runs up, the option to return the object still appears in the menu choices and can be "returned" for a single septim. If the item was placed in a chest, it will still be there after this transaction.
  • Sometimes the hunter will see the fugitive and will attack him, without speaking to the Dragonborn first.


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