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Skyrim is home to many different species of mushrooms and fungi, all having unique properties. They can be found abundantly throughout the many cave systems and underground locations of Skyrim. Some species prefer growing on decaying wood or dying tree roots above ground. They are excellent alchemy ingredients used for the creation of potions and are generally easy to find.

In Hearthfire, harvested fungi from Skyrim proper can be planted in gardens and greenhouses at homesteads.


The following have been discovered across the holds of Skyrim:

* May be a type of red algae.

** Older references on Mundus did not consider lichens fungi.

Fairy ringsEdit

Found directly south of Knifepoint Ridge, there is a small cluster of white caps and rocks that create a perfect circle, known as a fairy ring. A copy of Father of the Niben and a leveled staff lie in the center of this formation.

There is another fairy ring, wider but less dense, consisting of many different species of fungi. It is in the woods northeast of Bilegulch Mine or south-west of Fort Sungard. It might be hard to find, but a Dragon Burial Mound is nearby. The easiest way to get there is to go to Fort Sungard and jump off the southern wall (quite a high jump). Next, cross the paved road and head uphill towards the Bilegulch Mine. After few steps there will be a dragon burial mound to the left, the fairy ring is a few steps further.

Giant fungiEdit

Giant fungi can be found in various damp locations around Skyrim. The ancient Dwemer Ruin Irkngthand contains a few species of giant fungi including large glowing mushrooms. The Dwemer ruins of Blackreach are forested with giant glowing mushrooms. Darkfall Cave contains a good amount of large fungi.

In Dragonborn, there is a group of giant mushrooms named Tel Mithryn, built and cultivated by Telvanni Wizard Neloth in the southeast of Solstheim. These mushrooms are called Telvanni Towers and also appeared in Morrowind. They contain the living and work spaces for Telvanni wizards and their servants.

In Morrowind and Dragonborn, there are giant mushrooms named Emperor Parasols. In Morrowind, they grow along the coast of the Ascadian Isles and Azura's Coast regions. In Dragonborn, they grow near Tel Mithryn and some of them have Emperor Parasol Moss hanging from them.

In Shivering Isles, giant mushrooms and semi-giant mushrooms grow that yield black tar and unrefined greenmote.


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