Not to be confused with Fura Bloodmouth.

Fura Morrard was the daughter of Angeline Morrard, who is the owner of Angeline's Aromatics in Solitude. She joined the Imperial Legion and was tasked by Legate Quentin Cipius to scout the Stormcloak army. 


Captain Aldis's StoryEdit

According to Aldis, she was ordered by Legate Quentin Cipius or a "Whiterun Legate" to scout the Stormcloak army due to the skirmishes that have been very violent. Aldis explains that the Stormcloaks were reported to be very large in number and that the scouting party members were all killed. 

Angeline Morrard's ReactionEdit

After telling the story to Angeline, she will express sorrow, but will be proud for the Dragonborn to be brave to tell the news. She will then allow the Dragonborn to take ingredients and minor potions in her shop without it being construed as a crime.


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