Furnishing Materials are crafting items in The Elder Scrolls Online. Furnishing materials are required to craft various types of furnishing. All furnishing materials can be obtained from resource nodes or as random loot from containers and creatures.

List of furnishing materialsEdit

The following is a list of furnishing materials:

Image Material Skill Line Source
Alchemical Resin Alchemical Resin Alchemy Reagent Nodes
Bast Bast Clothing Fibrous plant nodes
Clean Pelt Clean Pelt Clothing Various creatures
Decorative Wax Decorative Wax Provisioning Containers with food ingredients
Heartwood Heartwood Woodworking Log nodes
Mundane Rune Mundane Rune Enchanting Runestone nodes
Ochre Ochre Jewelry Crafting Seam nodes
Regulus Regulus Blacksmithing Ore nodes


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