"Cap'n said you'd be by. I'm supposed to assist you with something?"
―Gaea Artoria[src]

Gaea Artoria is an Imperial agent who can be found in Fort Frostmoth, a Legion fort on the island of Solstheim.


She serves as a guard to the Imperial Legion, and is an agent that both gathers and studies the information she is assigned. At the fort, during a conversation, the Nerevarine can inquire about a smuggling ring of bandits, which starts the quest "Frostmoth Smugglers."


Frostmoth SmugglersEdit

The Disappearance of Captain CariusEdit


Gaea Artoria uses or carries the following:


Show: Frostmoth Smugglers
Inside Fort Frostmoth:

"Cap'n said you'd be by. I'm supposed to assist you with something?"

assist you "Yeah, Cap'n said something about some smugglers. Wanna go crack some skulls?"
I would like you to work with me. "Sounds good. Let's go get 'em. Saenus wil have to run those other errands that Captain Carius had for us to do. I'm ready for some action."
Captain Carius "I knew that the Captain was a good guy all along. The whole alcohol thing was just a big misunderstanding. He seems to really want Fort Frostmoth to be a model Imperial fort. Good luck with the bunch we have here. Still, you've got to give the man credit for trying."
Saenus Lusius "He's a good guy. Bright one, too. He'll be running some errands for Captain Carius about now. Sure he'll be back soon, though."
weapons being smuggled "Hmmm...well, I figure that they're taking the weapons from here, and then bringing them somewhere else. Cap'n doesn't like it. Hope that helps. Someone else must know something. Let's go crack some skulls."
I am not sure with whom I will work. "Up to you, I'll be here if you need me."

If spoken to again:

"Huh? You want us to travel together? I think that's what the Cap'n wants, so we better stick together. Besides, I'm handy to have around."

travel together "You want that we keep going together? Probably a good idea."
Yes, we should. "Good plan."
No. Wait here. "Not a bright choice, if you ask me."

After talking to Zeno Faustus:

weapons being smuggled "I think we've got the information we need. Let's go get these guys. All of them. And not leave any alive. That sounds like a good plan to me."

After entering Gandrung Caverns:

weapons being smuggled "Looks like we're in the right place. We're gonna have to take all of them out if we're going to break up the smuggling ring. Kill all of these smugglers. I like the sounds of that. Let's go!"

After killing all the smugglers:

"I've got nothing to say to you."

After leaving the cave:

weapons being smuggled "I figure they're all dead. We better get back to Cap'n Carius."

When approaching Fort Frostmoth:

"What the...? Someone attacked the fort while we were gone! We've gotta find the Cap'n right now!"

Show: The Disappearance of Captain Carius
Inside Fort Frostmoth:

If Lusius was chosen as a follower during Frostmoth Smugglers:

"He's gone! Those creatures took him during the battle. Someone has got to find the Captain!"

find the Captain "There was an attack...some kind of wolf creatures. I don't know exactly how it all happened. We were outmanned, but the soldiers fought valiantly, especially the Cap'n. When it was over, he was gone. I didn't see him go down, so I assume he was alive. My guess is that those savages from the Nord village have something to do with this. You need to find him, Nerevarine (Player name)."
wolf creatures "My guess would have been werewolves. I've seen 'em before. But this was different. I've never known the things to travel in such large numbers, and there were a lot of these things. I've also never heard of werewolves on the island. Who knows, though. I've heard rumors that the Nords up north can control the beasts, though. Some say they can even turn into them. Whatever they were, I don't want to see them again."
werewolves "Horrible, horrible.... I hope I never see such a creature again."
Nord village "They're a bunch of savages that live on the northeast tip of the island. The Skaal, they call themselves. I'll mark their village on your map. A bunch of animal-worshipping freaks...wolves especially. What does that tell you? I'm sure they know what happened to the Captain. Now you go find out. They're not likely to trust you, so take this (Skull of a Skaal Warrior). They'll like it. You should stay with them until you find out what's happened. Get in good with them, earn their trust."
Skaal "I don't trust them. Worshipping wolves and bears and the like. Just not right."
wolves "I knew someone who tried to tame a wolf once. He used to raise guars so he thought he could use the same techniques. You know what? It almost worked...well, no, actually, it didn't work at all. The idiot owed me money, too."
bears "Lots of them around this island. Some of them are pretty nasty, even diseased. Doesn't pay to mess with them, though their pelts can be valuable, I hear."

If approached again:

"You know what you need to do! Get up to those Nords and find the Captain!"

find the Captain "You've gotta find him. I'm sure the Nord village is a good place to start."
Nord village "Go find those savages and see what they've done with the Cap'n."
Fort Frostmoth "This place is a wreck, and the soldiers are pretty messed up. It's not a good thing."

If Artoria was chosen as a follower during "Frostmoth Smugglers":

"You heard what Lusius said. Get up to those Nords and find the Captain!"

find the Captain "You've gotta find him. I'm sure the Nord village is a good place to start."
Nord village "Go find those savages and see what they've done with the Cap'n."

After going to the Skaal Village:

"Were you able to find the Captain? What did those Nords have to say?"

find the Captain "They don't know anything? I doubt that! You'll need to get closer. They're a cagey bunch. Go live among them, see what you can learn. You may have to stick with them for a long time, but you're up to it. I'll take core of things here--you keep an eye on those Nords. Get in good with them."

After going to the Skaal Village and speaking to Lusius first:

"You know what you need to do! Get up to those Nords and find the Captain!"

find the Captain "Those Nords may say they don't know nothing, but I don't believe that they don't know nothing! Stick with them for a while. See if you can figure anything out. Even if they didn't take him, I'll bet they know who did! You stick with them. I'll take care of anything here at the fort. Counting on you, Nerevarine (Player name). We have to find the Cap'n. Now go!"
Show: Hircine's Hunt
Inside Fort Frostmoth:

"Carius is back! I don't know where he was, but I knew he'd find a way home. Things'll go much better with him around."

Captain Carius "He has returned! I believe he's resting in his chambers."
find the Captain "He's back! I knew he'd make it. We're all better off with him in charge."
Fort Frostmoth "Things are looking up. It'll get better soon."


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