"Stay away from me. You've already spent too much time... over there."
―Gaius Prentus[src]

Gaius Prentus quote

Gaius Prentus is a Bravil guard who monitors the entrance to the Shivering Isles. He is serious about his job, making sure that nothing dangerous exits the gate. Not long after the Hero arrives, he proves this when Belmyne Dreleth exits the gate and becomes insane, which lead to him being put down.

The only person who has exited the gate and been spared is S'fara, who believes she is invisible and has remained peaceful.

Once the Hero accepts Haskill's offer to enter the isles, Gaius refuses to talk to them because they have spent too much time on the other side.


A Door in Niben BayEdit

After hearing about a Strange Door in Niben Bay, there will be a map marker for a landmark, due east of Bravil. The Strange Door is a three-faced statue on top of an island, with a glowing portal inside of the mouth. The plants that grow on the island represent the only Shivering Isles intrusion in all of Cyrodiil.


A Door in Niben BayEdit

"I'd stay back from that door if I were you. Nothing that's gone in has come out right."

Strange Door "I don't know where it came from, and I don't want to. Those who've gone in have come back out... wrong. I'm just here to warn folks to stay away."
What happened to them? "Look for yourself! Their brains are addled. Got no sense! Perfectly normal people went in there. And this is what's come out."
I'm going in. "Ha! It's your funeral. I'm just here to warn people, not keep them out. Go ahead in. I'll be here to clean up the mess when you come out."
Maybe I'll stay out here. "Good choice. I mean, look at the thing! No sane person would go through there. And none have come out, that's for certain."


A Door in Niben BayEdit

Gaius Prentus: "Here comes another one!"
Belmyne Dreleth: "It's not right! Madness! Why? Why? Everything is wrong! It can't be done! Stay away from me! I won't go back. I won't go back! You can't make me go back! I'll kill you all! You're all going to die!"
Gaius Prentus: "Stay back! This one's violent!"


  • "I still say steer clear of that door. Nothing good to be found on the other side of it. Of that, I'm certain."
  • "Did you hear that? Did you? Voices from nowhere, madmen... where does it end? How did I get this posting?"


  • While he is a member of the Bravil guard, he will not attempt to arrest a Hero with a bounty.


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