Galbedir is a Bosmer enchanter in the Balmora Mages Guild. She appears to have a severe grudge against Ajira. She has the ability to train the Nerevarine in Unarmored, Destruction, and Alchemy.


Fake Soul GemEdit

During the Fake Soul Gem quest the Nerevarine is tasked with placing a fake soul gem in Galbedir's desk to disrupt her research, as part of the ongoing rivalry with Ajira.

Stolen ReportsEdit

During the Stolen Reports quest the Nerevarine is asked to retrieve Ajira's research notes that Galbedir stole in revenge.


Bartering Gold: 900 Mercantile Skill: 10

Galbedir offers her services as a journeyman enchanter and skill trainer in addition to selling wares.

Skill trainerEdit

Galbedir offers the following skill training:

Alchemy 49
Destruction 48
Unarmored 48


  • Despite being an enchanter, she does not offer any training in this area. Instead, she offers alchemy training.
  • When doing Ajira's last quest, the Nerevarine has the opportunity to steal the 60,000 GoldIcon Soul from Galbedir's desk.


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