"How would I know what others call me? I am Galereth. And you are inside my home. Why have you come here?"

Galereth, more commonly known as the Wild Witch, is a Bosmer woman found near Shademist Moors. In children's tales, it is said she can brew a cure for just about anything. Many believe she is merely a myth. The Wild Witch appears when someone needs it most.


Lost in the MistEdit

Elsenia says that there is no cure for her, unless the Wild Witch from the stories her mother told her as a child actually exists. She does not believe so, but the Vestige will be tasked with finding the Wild Witch anyways. She can be found in a small hovel in the southwestern part of the objective circle. The Wild Witch's real name is Galereth, and says she will brew the cure if the Vestige collects four samples of Hoarvor blood. The task can be done for her or she can be persuaded to give the cure immediately.


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