Gallivere Lariat or Lariate was a Breton noble from the Kingdom of Shornhelm that served as the royal consort of Empress Katariah after it was apparent that Pelagius Septim III would pass away. He is the biological father of Uriel Septim IV, who was the first indirect descendant to Tiber Septim.


Third EraEdit

Gallivere Lariat was a noble from the city-state of Shornhelm who garnered the attention of Empress Katariah Septim, who ruled from the Imperial City while her husband, Pelagius Septim III was being treated for his infamous insanity. While he was recovering in his personal cell, Katariah had a relationship with Gallivere, which resulted in the birth of Uriel Septim IV. The relationship was publicly acknowledged, even when Pelagius Septim III was still recovering some time before his death in Betony. Gallivere Lariat derives from a noble family of Shornhelm known as the House Lariat, who are considered distant relatives to Tiber Septim. What happened to Gallivere Lariat is unknown.[1][2][3]


Gallivere Lariat's lineage would reside in the Imperial Palace for quite some time, beginning with Uriel Lariat IV. It was difficult for Uriel IV to gain acceptance from the Elder Council, considering his very distant relation to Tiber Septim, and despite the Lariat Family's immense influence, it was still a challenge to be fully recognized as the Emperor. But, Uriel IV managed to hold his own and became a substantial leader of the Third Empire, although the Emperor and the Elder Council would be at odds with each other. Uriel IV's son, Andorak Septim was denied the throne by a vote of the Elder Council, so the throne was given to more closer relative to Tiber Septim, with that relative being Cephorus Septim II. It was not a total loss for Andorak. However, the Elder Council had instead given Andorak his ancestral domain, the Kingdom of Shornhelm was given to Andorak Septim.[2]


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