Not to be confused with Gals Fendyn.
"You are always welcome here, warrior."
―Galsi Mavani[src]

Galsi Mavani is a Dunmer soldier of the Pact found at the Northern Morrowind Gate.


Siege WarfareEdit

Galsi Mavani must be spoken to after using a practice repair kit on a siege weapon at the range.

Reporting for DutyEdit

Galsi Mavani directs the new recruit to the Scroll Temple of Chim to learn about the Elder Scrolls from Protector Galiel.


Siege Warfare

"You are always welcome here, warrior."

Do you need anything? "Your time here is done; others need to speak to you."
Reporting for Duty

"Your time here is done. But others still need to talk to you."

Where should I go? "Speak with the Protector Galiel at the Elder Scroll temple of Chim. He will show you what we fight for."
Thank you.


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