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Galur Rithari's Papers is a Mages Guild quest in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.


The Nerevarine must find the book Galur Rithari's Papers for Skink-in-Tree's-Shade.


  1. Speak with Skink
  2. Speak with book sellers to locate a copy.
  3. (Alternately) Travel to Galom Daeus
    • In the Observatory, on the ring above Raxle Berne, is a copy
  4. (Alternatively) get the book from Kagrenac's Library in Tureynulal
  5. Return to Skink


Upon Speaking with Skink-In-Tree's-Shade, he will ask the player to get a copy of the book Galur Rithari's Papars.

Asking booksellers across Vvardenfell for this book will lead them to point you toward Vivec City. Upon asking booksellers in Vivec, they will point you to the library in the Hall of Justice. The book is not found in the regular library. Instead, the player will have to go to the Hall of Justice Secret Library, which can be accessed through half-hidden, locked and trapped trapdoors from the Justice Offices and the Office of the Watch. There are 2 NPC's here, Brerayne Raloran and an Ordinator, which will make stealing the book without getting a bounty difficult. However, neither of these individuals have any significance to quests, and if the player talks to them often enough, they will become hostile, so the player can kill them without getting a bounty. Either way, get the book.

Alternatively, the player may travel to the vampire den Galom Daeus southwest of Uvirith's Grave. The book will be located on the ring above Raxle Berne.

A third copy can be found in Kagrenac's Library in Tureynulal, northeast of Dagoth Ur, though this is probably the hardest one to acquire due to the strong enemies you'll find within the Ghostfence.

Upon retrieving any of these copies, return to Skink-In-Tree's-Shade. He will reward you with Skink's Amulet, which will fetch you some nice coin.



Galur Rithari's Papers – MG_VampireCure
IDJournal Entry
10Skink asked me to find Galur Rithari's papers.
  • Quest accepted
100Skink thanked me for bringing him Galur Rithari's papers.
  • Quest completed

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