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*[[Resist Fire (Morrowind)|Resist Fire]]
*[[Resist Fire (Morrowind)|Resist Fire]]
;The Twin Lamps
<div class="diabox">
'''slavery''' ''"You know the '''Twin Lamps'''? Well then, yes, we are having some trouble here. A Khajiti slave, '''J'Saddha''', was supposed to meet us at our boat. He sent us a message that he is hiding in some ruins east of here, but there are three '''slavehunters''' in town, and we cannot risk being discovered."''
:'''Twin Lamps''' ''"So, you know the Twin Lamps. We could use your aid in our struggle against slavery."''
:'''J'Saddha''' ''"He is hiding in some Daedric ruins east of here. Find him and escort him back to town. Make sure the slavehunters do not see him."''
:'''slavehunters''' ''"Yes, the slavehunters are Anes Hlaren, Garyn Girith, and Sadal Doren. They have been patrolling in town and near the docks since they heard of J'Saddha's escape. You will need to get rid of them or avoid being seen. Remember it is J'Saddha they are looking for, not you."''
After arriving with J'Saddha:
<div class="diabox">
'''J'Saddha''' ''"Thank you for helping him here. He will have a better life back in his native land. You should report back to Ilmeni Dren that the slave has arrived safely."''<br />
'''slavehunters''' ''"J'Saddha arrived safely."''<br />
'''slavery''' ''"Thank you for bringing J'Saddha here safely. You should speak with Ilmeni Dren again."''

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