"I'm an officer of the Imperial Legion. Move along."
―Ganciele Douar[src]

Ganciele Douar is an Imperial Guard and spearman in the Imperial Legion. He is stationed at the Census and Excise building in Seyda Neen and is there to protect Socucius Ergalla and to make sure that there are no thefts.

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Dialogue[edit | edit source]

"I'm an officer of the Imperial Legion. Move along."

Imperial Legion "We have garrisons at Fort Pelagiad in Pelagiad, Hawkmoth Fort in Ebonheart, Fort Moonmoth in Balmora, Fort Buckmoth in Ald'ruhn, and Fort Darius in Gnisis. Were you looking to join the Imperial Legion?"
join the Imperial Legion "All the garrisons are presently at full strength. Except, perhaps, the Deathshead Legion at Fort Darius, in the West Gash near the village of Gnisis. If you're interested, you'll have to talk to General Darius there."
Latest rumors "At first, it seemed the fuss about the Nerevarine prophecy was just silly superstition. Then I learned that the Dunmer have been waiting for Lord Nerevar to come back for centuries. The 'Incarnate', they call it. Every few years an Ashlander appears, and the tribes call him the Incarnate. Then the Temple goes out, hunts him down, and reveals him as a fake. Why does the Temple worry so much about it?"
Nerevarine "It's the reincarnation of some Dark Elven hero, supposed to come and drive the Empire out of Morrowind. Just some local superstition... but the Temple says it's wicked and evil, and you'll be very sorry if you talk about it with the priests and Temple guard."
guard "Guards keep the peace and chase down criminals. Each district has its own guards. Legion troopers in Imperial districts, Ordinators in Temple districts, Redoran, Hlaalu, and Telvanni guards in their own Great House districts. Guards collet fines and compensation, or drag you off to prison if you can't pay."

fines and compensation "That's how we punish crimes in Morrowind. We collect fines, and compensation is paid to the injured party or his kin. Don't pay the fine? Then do hard labor."

Firemoth "The undead rule it now. It was overrun many years ago. Once a strategic strongpoint guarding the Inner Sea, now it is an all-but-forgotten ruin."
Background "I an Ganciele Douar, Guard and Spearman of the Imperial Legion."

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