Ganredhel's House is the home of Ganredhel and her two dogs, Daisy and Luna. It is located opposite to the Great Chapel of Arkay in Cheydinhal. This two story building have the same layout as most of the houses in town with a lounge area on the first floor and an open plan second floor with a bedroom on one end and the dining area on the other end.

On the first floor is a lounge with a large fireplace and a bench to rest on. There are a few barrels and crates with various food items and some clothing. Beside the fire is a chest with some armor. The dogs have their place by the stairs.

Upstairs on the right is a desk and chair, on the left a dining area and a cupboard with some Cheap Wine in it. In the bedroom on the dresser is the book A Dance in Fire, Book I. Beside the dresser is another chest with some valuables in it.


Boots of Springheel JakEdit

Amusei will meet the Hero in a major city and ask them to meet the Gray Fox at Ganredhel's House in Cheydinhal.


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