"Every blade I make honors Malacath. Every rivet, every plate of armor is for him."


Garakh is an Orsimer blacksmith in Largashbur.

She can be found near the forge or inside Largashbur Longhouse, and does not buy or sell items. She dutifully carries out her job, dedicating every item she crafts to honoring Malacath. She hopes to ready her apprentice Lob to be ready to carry on her responsibility when he is ready.

During the events of "The Cursed Tribe," she will state that she believes that the tribe has angered Malacath and that they must be punished for it.


  • "Only a true Orc knows how to temper Orichalcum properly."
  • "The old traditions are passed down from one generation to the next. The secrets of smithing are passed down as well."
  • "Lob will one day take my place, and bring honor to our tribe as I have."


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