Garlas Malatar (Ayleidoon: Cavern of the High Wood)[1] is an Ayleid ruin located along the Gold Coast of Cyrodiil. In its prime, Garlas Malatar was a city that worshipped Meridia. It was later used as a base for Umaril the Unfeathered after his revival.[UL 1]

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Garlas Malatar is on the Gold Coast and as such is the westernmost Ayleid ruin in Cyrodiil. The ruins are submerged and buried, leaving only a bridge, statue of Auri-El, remains of walls and arches, and the underground passage into the lower ruins. The Wyrd Flower Blossom, which typically grows in Ayleid ruins, can be found here. Aurorans are known to inhabit the ruins due to Meridia's influence in the city. Occasionally, Minotaurs or Dreughs are seen amidst the aboveground ruins. The ruins contain three subterranean zones: Garlas Malatar, Ceysel and Carac Abaren. The final confrontation with Umaril begins in a room in Carac Abaren. Like many Ayleid ruins, Welkynd Stones can be found scattered around the three zones.

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Around the time of the Oblivion Crisis in 3E 433, Umaril the Unfeathered had been resurrected, with his spirit returning to the physical plane. Once he had returned, he used the ancient ruins of Garlas Malatar as his headquarters. His Aurorans scoured the province of Cyrodiil, ransacking chapels of the Nine. In response to this, a new generation of the Knights of the Nine assembled under the orders of the Divine Crusader. The Divine Crusader and his Knights gathered on the outskirts of Garlas Malatar, stormed the ruins and slew the Aurorans guarding Umaril. The first wave of Aurorans were continuously resurrected by a Dark Orb in the center of Ceysel Room until the orb was destroyed. The company advanced forward until they confronted Umaril in Carac Abaren. The Divine Crusader and Umaril dueled and the Crusader slew Umaril's physical form. With his physical body destroyed, Umaril fled to Oblivion and the Divine Crusader followed him using the Blessing of Talos. The two dueled in Oblivion above the Imperial City and Umaril's spiritual form was destroyed. From then on, Garlas Malatar was abandoned.[2]

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