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Garlic Bread is a type of food found in The Elder Scrolls V: Hearthfire.



With the addition of The Elder Scrolls V: Hearthfire add-on, garlic bread can be crafted at an oven with the following ingredients:

It will produce two loaves of garlic bread.

While bread appears in two forms, loaf and quarter-loaf, this recipe only works with the full loaf.


Once the Dragonborn has access to an oven, garlic bread is one of the best options for removing diseases since it is both lightweight and cheap. However, it is not particularly useful to a Dragonborn that is either a werewolf or a vampire, as they are immune to disease, and many other food items and potions may provide more healing, most notably the Chicken Dumpling.

Garlic bread has several advantages and downsides compared to a Potion of Cure Disease. While the potion has the advantage of being craftable early on with Alchemy, its ingredients aren't as commonly found. Whereas, the ingredients for garlic bread appear in many cities and cost less to purchase than a Potion of Cure Disease. Creating garlic bread also produces two loaves, as opposed to one potion, and the weight of a potion is equal to five loaves. The primary disadvantage of obtaining garlic bread is that it requires a fair amount of time and money to invest in purchasing a homestead and building a kitchen to create it.


  • Garlic bread is the only oven recipe that does not require a sack of flour in order to be created. It does however, still require butter, like many other oven recipes.