Garridan's Tears are the tears of Garridan, who was frozen in battle with a Frost Atronach. Rumors tell that Mara, mother of the Divines pitied Garrian and imbued his frozen tears with magical properties.[1] S'drassa covets them for his "collection." Five can be found in Frostfire Glade.


Found in Frostfire Glade, the tears are found on the ground.


Tears of the SaviorEdit

A Khajiit named S'drassa asks the Hero to find Garridan's Tears. S'drassa enjoys collecting crystals, especially those of a magical nature, and is willing to pay a handsome amount of gold for each Tear recovered. Speak to him about the Tears.


  •  360   While using area spells within Frostfire Glade, the tears may be in contact and move, making them almost impossible to find.



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