"The Warrens isn't a place for your type. What do you want?"

Garvey is a Breton and Expert-level Sneak trainer. He is the assumed boss/leader of the people living in the Warrens.

Location[edit | edit source]

Garvey is generally found standing at the entrance in the Warrens, a series of tunnels underneath Markarth where the impoverished sleep.

Interactions[edit | edit source]

The Forsworn Conspiracy[edit | edit source]

On the Dragonborn's hunt for information on the Forsworn agent, Weylin, Garvey can be persuaded, intimidated, or bribed to relinquish the key to Weylin's room. If the Dragonborn has contracted a disease, or is very poor Garvey can respond with acceptance rather than the normal line of not belonging.

If questioned about Weylin himself, Garvey seems less concerned about Weylin's murderous deed than who will occupy the Reachman's room next.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

The Forsworn Conspiracy

"The Warrens isn't a place for your type. What do you want?"

Did you know Weylin? (Only available during the quest The Forsworn Conspiracy.) "Oh yes. I know everyone who sleeps in the Warrens. Kind of the one who passes the keys around. I guess someone else will be taking his room, now."
I need the keys to Welin's room. "Sorry, but you don't exactly belong here."
It's important. Trust me. (Persuade)
  • (Success) "Trust is hard to come by, but all right."
  • (Failure) "No it's not. Trust me."
How about now? (82 gold) "Welcome to the Warrens. (Or "No, I don't think so." if the Dragonborn carries no gold.)"
I wasn't asking. (Intimidate)
  • (Success) "Now don't get upset. Here. Take it."
  • (Failure) "And I wasn't stuttering. No key."
Never mind, then. "Right."
What are the Warrens? "It's where you go if you can't afford a room anywhere else. About the time they opened the mines, someone got the idea to throw beds in here. Laborers. The sick. The lame. We're all here."
So, only the poor or the sick live here? "That's right. Welcome to Markarth, traveler. Thank the Divines you can choose to live somewhere else."

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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