"I won't doubt my father's wisdom. Whatever he has you doing, it's for the safety of Stonefalls."
―Garyn Indoril
Not to be confused with Garyn Ienth or Garyn Girith.

Garyn Indoril is a Dunmer and the son of Tanval Indoril, the grandmaster of House Indoril. He is heavily involved in the Stonefalls' questline.


Legacy of the AncestorsEdit

Garyn, though not present in the combat to save Davon's Watch from the Daggerfall Covenant, will appear alongside his father during the events of the quest.

Delaying the DaggersEdit

Garyn Indoril will serve as a guide to the Vestige once Tanval Indoril sends them to the west gate in order to assail the Covenant directly.

The General's DemiseEdit

Garyn will fight besides the Vestige, Holgunn, and his father, Tanval Indoril, against the necromancer and commander of the Daggerfall Covenant troops at Fort Virak, General Serien. After the defeat of the General, Serien's ghost will appear. With his last deed, he will kill the unsuspecting Garyn Indoril. The death of Garyn enrages his father Tanval, who, in an act of revenge for his son's death, attacks his old friend Holgunn. This will set off the events for "City at the Spire."

Breaking Fort VirakEdit


Quiet the Ringing BellEdit


Restoring the GuardiansEdit


To Ash MountainEdit



Legacy of the Ancestors

"My father, Tanval Indoril, commands here. Speak with him."

You help your father in battle, Garyn? "It is my pleasure to uphold my family's honor. With my father leading the defense, victory is certain."
Delaying the Daggers

"My father requires you again."
"My orders are to help you."

Tanval said you would lead me to the west gate. "Then we should go."


Legacy of the Ancestors
  • "I won't doubt my father's wisdom. Whatever he has you doing, it's for the safety of Stonefalls." —After agreeing to retrieve the relic
  • "Your mission is important. Are you done already?" —After agreeing to retrieve the relic
  • "Speak to my father. He's been asking for you." —After retrieving the relic
Delaying the Daggers
  • "Father said the Akaviri War was like this." —On the way to the west gate
  • "Such senseless death and destruction." —On the way to the west gate
  • "Commander Holgunn." —On the way to the west gate
  • "I have duties with my father. Fight well." —On the way to the west gate


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