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Gat Gro-Shargakh is an Orsimer who lives in Kolskeggr Mine, east of Markarth. He becomes a candidate for marriage.



If married, Gat will open a shop as other potential spouses do, from which the Dragonborn can receive daily profits of 100 Gold. If the profits are not collected, they accumulate and can be retrieved at any time. Be advised that even after clearing out the Forsworn, they can eventually respawn. This can result in Gat gro-Shargakh's death.


If Gat dies, the Dragonborn may receive a Letter of Inheritance from a courier, along with a sum of gold.

Orc Strongholds[]

If Kolskeggr Mine is cleared and the Dragonborn is not allowed to enter Orc strongholds, he sends a message to notify them that the Dragonborn is trustworthy.


Pavo Attius[]

Gat: "Well I'm glad you were there. I don't know how I would have gotten past the Forsworn without you." Pavo: "Are you all right, Gat?" Gat: "Still shaken from all the fighting, my friend. It's been too long since I had to kill someone."

Pavo: "Thank the Divines we survived that." Gat: "Those Forsworn were fierce fighters. Fiercer than I could have imagined."

Gat: "I feel like we're mining even more ore than before." Pavo: "It's the rush of good fortune, my friend. It makes you work harder."

Pavo: "Are you worried the Forsworn might return?" Gat: "I doubt the Forsworn would risk holding this mine a second time. They lost many of their warriors."

Pavo: "Do you remember the Legion? Fighting the Thalmor in the Great War?" Gat: "There were many good battles, friend. I miss those days." Pavo: "You miss them? I don't know how many times I feared for my life." Gat: "You didn't die. A battle you live through is a great honor."

Pavo: "Did you ever want to return to your stronghold? Go back to your family?" Gat: "I would need to challenge the chief, and take his head, to return home. I'd rather stay here." Pavo: "Don't tell me you, of all people, are afraid of a battle." Gat: "If you had to kill your own brother to be allowed back home, you'd think twice as well."


  • "Pavo and I had to fight our way out of Kolskeggr. Forsworn killed everyone else."
  • "Thank Malacath we got out of Kolskeggr alive."
  • "Don't know what I would have done without Pavo. Man's braver than he admits."
  • "It's good to be mining again." ―After completing "Kolskeggr Mine"
  • "I've never seen Pavo so happy. It's good to be back in Kolskeggr." ―After completing "Kolskeggr Mine"