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The Gatekeeper is a unique female draugr found in the Temple of Miraak. As her title suggests, the Gatekeeper protects the door that leads further into Miraak's temple, and the Dragon Aspect word wall found in her burial chamber. She carries the Temple of Miraak Key, which is needed to progress further into the temple through the concealed door in her sarcophagus.


The Temple of Miraak[]

The Gatekeeper needs to be killed and looted to be able to continue further on in the Temple.


The Gatekeeper can shout Unrelenting Force or Disarm at the Dragonborn. Some other draugr will attack the Dragonborn to assist the Gatekeeper.

It is very easy to kill The Gatekeeper by luring her into the log trap, which can be seen right before encountering the undead guardian.

Notable items[]


  • The Gatekeeper always appears as a female draugr.