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The Gatekeeper is a guardian to the Realm of Sheogorath. It is made up of the flesh of the dead who try to pass through the gates of madness (and its victims, as hinted by its creator Relmyna Verenim) and has the two keys (Key to Mania and Key to Dementia) for the two regions of the Shivering Isles (Mania and Dementia) sewn into its flesh. One of its hands is an oversized blade, axe, or mace which it uses to great effect against enemies. The Gatekeeper is not unlike a larger and more frightening version of a flesh atronach.


At the beginning of Shivering Isles, there will be several adventurers with steel armor and their leader with leveled armor fighting the gatekeeper. The adventurers will die except for their leader, who will flee.

The Hero can kill the Gatekeeper with the adventurers the first time he is seen, but it will be a challenge without Relmyna's Tears or the bone arrows, made from an old Gatekeeper's bones by Jayred Ice-Veins.

Rebuilding the Gatekeeper[]

After The Hero completes "Retaking the Fringe" they will be able to do Rebuilding the Gatekeeper. Relmyna orders the Hero to bring her four ingredients to rebuild the Gatekeeper from the Gardens of Flesh and Bone. Once they have been obtained, she performs the incantations to build the new Gatekeeper.

The Hero will be able to make a new Gatekeeper and choose which body parts, and thus which strengths, the new Gatekeeper will have. The body parts also affect which Gatekeeper's Gift to select. The Hero will then accompany Relmyna Verenim to the Fringe and witness the creation of the new Gatekeeper, whose combat prowess will immediately be tested by a group of Knights of Order led by the traitor Felas Sarandas. The Hero can watch the Knights futile if entertaining struggle against the Gatekeeper or join in, though this is unnecessary as the Gatekeeper is essential.