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"Honest pay for honest work."

Gather Wheat is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. This is a radiant quest in which the Dragonborn can earn Gold for selling crops to farmers.


  1. Collect crops
  2. Sell the crops to a farmer


Speak to any farmer at the given locations and they will have the dialogue options to buy some crops from the Dragonborn. They may sell various crops picked from the farmer's property, found as the random loot or stolen from citizens.


Crop Value Gold
Cabbage 2
Gourd 1
Leek 1
Nirnroot 10
Potato 1
Wheat 5


Hold Location Crop Buyer Crop Type
Eastmarch Brandy-Mug Farm Bolfrida Brandy-Mug Wheat
Eastmarch Hlaalu Farm Adisla
Belyn Hlaalu
Eastmarch Hollyfrost Farm Tulvur Wheat
Falkreath Hold Corpselight Farm Mathies Cabbage, Gourd, Potato
Haafingar Dragon Bridge Azzada Lylvieve Cabbage, Potato, Wheat
Haafingar Katla's Farm Katla Leek, Potato, Wheat
The Reach Salvius Farm Vigdis Salvius Potato
The Rift Fellstar Farm Boti Cabbage, Potato, Wheat
The Rift Sarethi Farm Avrusa Sarethi Gourd, Nirnroot, Potato
The Rift Snow-Shod Farm Addvild Leeks, Potato, Wheat
The Rift Merryfair Farm Synda Llanith Cabbage, Gourd, Wheat
Whiterun Hold Cowflop Farm Reldith Cabbage, Potato, Wheat
Whiterun Hold Lemkil's Farm Lemkil Cabbage, Potato, Wheat
Whiterun Hold Battle-Born Farm Alfhild Battle-Born Gourd, Leek, Wheat
Whiterun Hold Pelagia Farm Severio Pelagia Cabbage, Potato


  • This quest counts toward the favors for citizens required to become Thane in Holds.
  • This quest does not have any stages or objectives and can be repeated indefinitely.
  • Farmers will always take all crops they are buying from the Dragonborn's inventory, even if stolen, and the amount is not limited by the purchaser's available gold.
  • The Dragonborn never gains any Speech experience by doing this quest.