Gavis Velas is a Dunmer mage who lives in Velas Manor in Godsreach, with his brother Ovis.


The SummonerEdit

Velas is a dangerous summoner, who destabilizes Mournhold.



Greeting "Salutations, [PC Name]. So nice of you to join me in my humble abode. I was all prepared to offer you a nice drink or a bite to eat before we got down to business, but you are late in coming and I don't appreciate being kept waiting, so business it shall be. I can sense you've already made the acquaintance of my unfortunate brother."

my unfortunate brother "Yes, Ovis always did like to take credit for my exploits. Too bad that this time, in trying to become my doppleganger, it would appear he went too far. I understand your position, [PC Name] -- you have to defend yourself. But I also must ask you to understand mine -- I have to avenge my brother. Thus, a duel is called for, and there is no time like the present. Prepare yourself, [PC Name]. Thy doom is imminent, and I have other matters to attend to."


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