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"Weakling! You dare to cross my threshold? You, then, will be the first to fall, before the undead army sweeps across this land like a plague, cleansing it of your flesh. Die, mortal!"
―Gedna Relvel[src]

Gedna Relvel is a lich in The Elder Scrolls III: Tribunal. She is found in Old Mournhold within Gedna Relvel's Tomb.


Soul levelEdit

Lesser (300)


Crimson PlagueEdit

The Nerevarine must help Nerile Andaren fight a disease that is plaguing Mournhold. Which will lead them to discover that the lich, Gedna Relvel is at the source of the plague.


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  • Due to a scripting error, Gedna's health is set to 800x the player character's level. This can make her an extremely challenging opponent at higher levels, as a level 50 character, for example, would set her health to 40,000.


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