Geilund is a Nord who lives in Bleakrock Village.[1] He is the husband of Halmaera and master of Rexus.


Lost on BleakrockEdit

Halmaera in Bleakrock Village asks the Vestige to find her missing husband and dog. Finding and following Rexus will lead the Vestige to Geilund.

Zeren in PerilEdit

Geilund will be present in the defense of Fort Zeren against the Daggerfall Covenant and will participate minimally in the battle.


Zeren in Peril
  • "I've been practicing since we got to the fort. I think I'll be able to pitch in here and there at the edges of the battle." – Before the battle
  • "That turned out all right, didn't it? The commander says I could do well in the army. I'm going to sign up." – After the battle



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