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"Work hard for the future and leave the past be. That's my motto."


Geimund is a Nord and the stable-master of Solitude.


He is married to Fridrika and has a son, Horm. He's been working on his current vocation for eight years once the Dragonborn arrives. Before settling down, he was a mercenary. According to Geimund, "one trip to Ravenscar Hollow cured me of that."


  • "With a wife like Fridrika and a son like Horm, I'm the luckiest man in Skyrim."
  • "If you're heading up to Solitude you should stop to check out the view on your way. It's a good one."
  • "Been about eight years now. I used to be a mercenary, but one trip to Ravenscar Hollow cured me of that. There's hagravens in that cave with talons like daggers. They'll open your bowels quick as a wink if you let 'em get close. A creature like that will make a man think long and hard about what he wants out of life."
  • "You got business at the stables?"
  • "Carriages to all the major cities in Skyrim. Don't forget us."
  • Said as random greeting in while walking by him or speaking to him: "Work hard for the future and leave the past be. That's my motto."
  • Said as random greeting in while walking by him or speaking to him in morning hours: "Good morning."
  • Response when asked about buying a horse: "That's what I'm here for. What are you offering?"
  • Ending conversations results in him saying:
    • "Walkin' never hurt nobody. If you change your mind, I'll be here."
  • After purchasing as horse from him: "Good enough for me. It's the one with the saddle."
  • Response after trying to buy a horse after buying one from him: "Don't have any that are for sale right now."


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  • If the first horse the Dragonborn buys from him dies, and the Dragonborn seeks to purchase another horse from him, he will take the Dragonborn's gold and direct him/her to the new mount. However the option to steal the horse remains as if the Dragonborn has not paid for it.
    • Additionally, if the Dragonborn has previously sold crops to Katla and is allowed to take horses, has done so, and the horse dies, the same as above occurs except instead of "steal horse," "ride horse" is displayed—but the horse is still not owned.


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