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Not to be confused with Geimund.
"Lord Geirmund, great battlemage,
saved the Rift in Harald's age.
He slew the wicked Gauldur three,
and set their father's spirit free.
His tomb was built upon this lake,
and in his name this oath I make.
Should evil come, should night descent
I swear the Rift I will defend."
―Skald Jakaral[src]

Geirmund was an Arch-Mage of Windhelm in the early days of the First Era, during the reign of High King Harald.[1] He fought against Mikrul, Jyrik, and Sigdis Gauldurson, the craven sons and murderers of Arch-Mage Gauldur.

When Geirmund fell near Ivarstead while battling with Sigdis, the last of the brothers to be defeated, Harald ordered a Geirmund's Hall to be built for him on the nearby Lake Geir. Geirmund's corpse can still be found within, guarding that of Sigdis.



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