"Gelvin has a good head and a good heart. Always puts the Daggers first and keep us on the right side of the law. Of course, that's part of the reason we're still struggling."

Gelvin Feldrin is a Breton, first found in the Shrieking Scar , High Rock and the brother of Granette Feldrin. He is the founder and leader of the mercenary group known as The Daggers.


The Dagger's EdgeEdit

Lord Diel of Daggerfall and his sons are investigating the recent harpy attacks all along the coast. They hired a group of mercenaries called the Daggers to help them with their research, but the Daggers never returned from the Shrieking Scar.


Show: The Dagger's Edge

"Um, hello. That was a bit of a predicament. The Remply brothers do set a good trap, I must say. That one trussed me up tight. But now that you're here ... wait a moment. Who are you?"

Lord Diel hired me to help the Daggers.
"Help? The Daggers don't need any ... oh, who am I kidding? I'm the leader of the Daggers and we don't have a clue as to what we're doing out here. If you're willing, we'd appreciate any help you care to provide."

Sure, what do you want me to do?
"I was collecting unhatched harpy eggs to bring back to camp. One of the things Lord Diel needs to complete his research. I got one egg, but we need to collect a few more."
Where can I find harpy eggs?
"In the nests above. Be gentle with them. I don't want the hatchlings to come to any harm. I'm going to rest a moment and then head back to camp. With the gold his lordship pays us, the Daggers can really make a go of this mercenary thing."
After meeting Gelvin in the Miltrin's Fishing Cabin:

"Something fishy's going on here. I think Lord Diel hasn't been entirely trustful with us. But how did you find me? Granette sent you, didn't she?"

You didn't bring the egg back to camp. Granette is worried and Diel is upset.
"I know, I know. I was on my way back when I decided to investigate this place. When we first arrived, Diel and his sons came out of this building to greet us. I figured if there was any place to get any answers, it was right here."

And what have you discovered?
"Nothing yet. But this whole situation feels ... off. I'm sure that his lordship hasn't told us the whole truth about the harpy frenzy. Anyway, I'm not leaving this house until I find something that sheds light on what Diel is up to."
Then I'll help you look.

After Contract with House Diel has been found:

"Tell me what you found."

I found his contract. Lord Diel knows more about the harpies than he let on.
"Let me see that. What in the name of ...? Lord Diel's been poisoning the harpies the entire time! He orchestrated their frenzy! And he claimed he's been trying to help. He's been using us!"

He's also paying you enough to keep the Daggers together.
"It's tainted gold. The Daggers don't operate that way. We're not common thieves that break the law just to fill our own pockets. This is a dangerous edge to walk, and it cuts both ways. I didn't want the Daggers to start out like this."
But what happens if the Daggers don't get paid?
"Well, we'd have to disband. We'd go our separate ways and hope we can find a way to feed our families. Damn it! This isn't an easy choice. I just can't accept that we'd get our start helping a noble do the wrong thing."
No matter what happens, you have to do the right thing and reveal Lord Diel's treachery.
"Of course. You're right. Diel has to be stopped. I think I know what to do. And if all else fails, I've always been good at improvisation."
What do you need me to do?
"You've done enough. Just keep Lord Diel busy. It's not up to you to finish this. That's work for the Daggers. Even if it turns out to be our last job, we're going to do it right."
Too many people need this gold. Ignore the facts and finish the job.[?]

After meeting Gelvin on the beach:

"Diel's gone, but I don't feel any better. These people depended on me and I failed them. I can't even do one job correctly."

Don't give up on the Daggers just yet.
"What do you mean?"

I found this bag of gems on Lord Diel's body.
"The pompous ass carried these around with him? That figures. Technically, we did complete the job. Wait, what am I saying? This isn't right. These gems don't belong to us."
You earned those gems. And now the Daggers can stay together.
"I thought the Daggers were finished. But, well, it looks like we have a future after all! Here, take this. For helping us finish the job. Consider it a small token of our appreciation. And you'll always have a place with the Daggers if you want it."
Bumnog snatched these gems from Lord Diel's camp.[?]

After the quest The Dagger's Edge is complete:

"By the Eight, we've done it. The Daggers will live on! Thank you, friend."


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