"My homeland ablaze, and the guild split asunder. I never thought I'd live to see the day."
―General Auctor[src]

General Flaminius Auctor is an Imperial member of the Fighters Guild. He is the Province General of Cyrodiil.

He mentions that Cyrodiil is perhaps the weakest branch of the Fighters Guild, having to deal with the Daedric incursions inside the Imperial City and the Alliance War raging in the countryside.


Proving the DeedEdit

The Vestige and Merric meet with the Province Generals of the Fighters Guild. The Province Generals give them the task of investigating the death of Guildmaster Jofnir Iceblade.

Will of the CouncilEdit

The Province Generals converge in the Earth Forge and deal with the aftermath of Mortuum Vivicus' destruction.


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