General Godrun is an Orsimer general of the Daggerfall Covenant and the current leader of the Murtag Clan. He and his clan are currently fighting the Ironhand Ogres at Shinji's Scarp.


General Godrun's OrdersEdit

The Clan Murtag Orcs are fighting the Ironhand ogres in Shinji's Scarp. They've asked for my help.

Ending the Ogre ThreatEdit

General Godrun is counting on me to finish this battle with the Ironhand Ogres. If I can collapse the cavern they're using to get through the mountain, that should solve the ogre problem for good.

Godrun's DreamEdit

The Omen of Betrayal failed to manipulate General Godrun into attacking Wayrest, but has now trapped General Godrun within his dream. Abbot Durak has asked me to enter the dream and kill the Omen to save Godrun.

Vaermina's GambitEdit

Vaermina's ultimate plan has been revealed. Her consort, the Night Terror, has seized King Emeric's mind and trapped him in a nightmare. I must face the Night Terror and save the king.


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