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"Don't think you can barter with me like I'm one of those damned shopkeepers."
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General Goods Merchants can be found in almost every city in Skyrim. These merchants buy and sell most items. This includes:


The following is a list of all general goods merchants:

Name Location Shop Hours Gold Investor
Ahkari Dawnstar to Riften Khajiit Caravans All day Varies † Yes
Aval Atheron Windhelm Windhelm Marketplace 8:00–20:00 750 Yes
Belethor Whiterun Belethor's General Goods 8:00–20:00 750 Yes
Bersi Riften The Pawned Prawn 8:00–20:00 750 Yes
Birna Winterhold Birna's Oddments 8:00–20:00 750 Yes
Brand-Shei Riften Riften Marketplace 8:00–20:00 750 Yes
Fethis Alor DR Raven Rock Raven Rock marketplace 8:00–20:00 1500 No
Endon Markarth Silver-Blood Inn 8:00–20:00 Varies † No
Falas Selvayn DR Ramshackle Trading Post - 00:00–6:00 750 No
Grelka Riften Riften Marketplace 9:00–20:00 750 Yes
Lisbet Markarth Arnleif and Sons Trading Company 8:00–20:00 750 Yes
Lucan Valerius Riverwood Riverwood Trader 8:00–20:00 750 Yes
Ma'dran Solitude to Windhelm Khajiit Caravans All day Varies † Yes
Marise Riften Riften Marketplace 9:00–18:00 50 No
Niranye Windhelm Windhelm Marketplace 8:00–20:00 Varies † Yes
Mallus Maccius Outside Whiterun Honningbrew Meadery 8:00–20:00 Varies † Yes
Ri'saad Markarth to Whiterun Khajiit Caravans All day 750 Yes
Revyn Sadri Windhelm Sadri's Used Wares 8:00–20:00 Varies † Yes
Ronthil DG Castle Volkihar - All day 750 No
Sayma Solitude Bits and Pieces 8:00–20:00 750 -
Solaf Falkreath Gray Pine Goods 8:00–20:00 750 -
Sorine Jurard DG Fort Dawnguard - All day 750 No
Tonilia Riften The Ragged Flagon All day Varies † No

† Fences' gold depends on the progress of the city influence quests for the Thieves Guild. All fences will have total of 4000Gold available once all city influence quests are completed.


  • General goods merchants and Alchemists are the only types of merchants who will buy Dragon Bones and Dragon Scales.
  • Tonilia is available as a merchant after joining the Thieves Guild. Two more fences, Endon and Niranye, are available after completing their city influence quests for the Guild; Gulum-Ei and Mallus become available as one progresses through the Thieves Guild main questline.

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