"Welcome to the war."
―General Jeggord[src]

General Jeggord is a Nord officer of the Ebonheart Pact stationed at the Northern Morrowind Gate.


Reporting for DutyEdit

The new recruit has to talk to General Jeggord about the Battle and Warfront missions, as per Grand Warlord Zimmeron's request.


Reporting for Duty

"Greetings, warrior. Grand Warlord Zimmeron has given us much to do. The Pact needs every hero it can get!"
"Yes? What is it?" (During "Reporting for Duty.")

General Dar-Liurz sent me over here. (During "Reporting for Duty.") "Got tired of you pestering her, eh? Very well. I administer the Battle and Warfront missions. Go ahead, ask me about them."
Can you tell me about mission boards? "The boards are where we post Grand Warlord Zimmeron's latest orders for the Pact. I supervise the Battle and Warfront missions; General Dar-Liurz takes care of the other missions."
What are Battle missions? "Battle missions send small groups of soldiers to capture enemy resources. Each keep is supported by a farm, lumbermill, and mine. Denying the enemy these resources is the first step to claiming that keep for the Pact."
How about Warfront missions? "A Warfront mission targets one of the enemy's keeps. Controlling keeps is the key to conquering Cyrodiil. This is a major effort though―go in without a large force and you're all going to die."
What are the other missions? "Go talk to Dar-Liurz about them. I've got my hands full over here."
Is that everything?/Is there anything else I need to know? "There's always more to learn, but the battlefields will be your teacher from this point on. The mission boards await. Start with a Scounting mission; you're less likely to die on one of those. Welcome to the war."


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