"Show our enemies no mercy. People fear the Daedra—I would have them fear us more."
―General Nesh-Tan[src]

General Nesh-Tan is an Argonian general of the Ebonheart Pact found in the Imperial City Sewers.

Interactions[edit | edit source]

City on the Brink[edit | edit source]

The Three Alliances are locked in an epic struggle for the The Imperial City. The forces of Molag Bal hold the city with an iron grip, but enemy bannermen also vie for power. Your alliance needs your help.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

City on the Brink

"Another recruit? We are glad to have you, friend. But I warn you—the city makes Cyrodiil seem like a mid-day wallow in a salt-meadow swamp. There are things here that would rattle Hist roots. Steel yourself."

I was told to report to you. I've come to help take the city. "I'm glad to hear it. Our gains have been ... modest. A warrior of your skill and experience is most welcome."
What is the situation here in the city? "The Three Banners are vying for control, but in truth, the city belongs to the Daedra and their mortal lackeys. It is ... vexing. I would prefer to focus on our rivals in the Covenant and the Dominion, but there are many fish in blood river."
What do you need of me? "Where to start .... We cannot cast a stone without hitting one of our enemies. The Daedra have corrupted every root and brick in the city proper. If we ever hope to claim the city, they will have to be dealt with. The sewers are just as bad. Worse."
Where should I start? "When you find yourself in the middle of a lake, does it matter which shore you swim to? Enemies are everywhere. One dead Daedra will do just as well as another. Go and wreak havoc. Once we have thinned their ranks, then we will march on the tower."
Very well .... "Ah—one more thing. There is a woman here in the city—a Dragonguard warrior calling herself the "Drake of Blades." She has brought us valuable intelligence, but her motives are too murky for my liking. If you meet her, be watchful."
As you wish.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • "This city will be ours, eventually. Of that, I am certain."
  • "This city has old bones. Solid, like Hist roots. It will serve the Pact well."

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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