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"If you don't wear the gloves of the Bal Molagmer, how can you show these Dunmer that thieves are not wholly evil?"
―Gentleman Jim Stacey[src]

Gentleman Jim Stacey is the Redguard Guildmaster of the Thieves Guild in Vivec City. He can be found in the back of Simine Fralinie's shop, in the Vivec, Foreign Quarter Canalworks.


He works to protect the Guild from the Camonna Tong, a rival crime faction with far less morals than the Guild. Many of his missions are centered around rooting out and eliminating their influence.

He also has a very high opinion of the Bal Molagmer, a faction of thieves devoted to justice by stealing from the unjust and giving to the poor. Per his dialogue, this faction vanished early in the Third Era, and he believes it is time for them to return. If the Nerevarine joins the Thieves Guild, he will recruit them to "rekindle the fires" of the Bal Molagmer.


He will only give Thieves Guild missions to those ranked Captain and above. However, to those who have proven themselves a little, he is willing to assign Bal Molagmer quests, aimed at fighting injustice across Vvardenfell.


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