Genvis Faledran is a Chimer ghost found in the Tormented Spire. He is one of the mages who first bounded Sadal to the volcano.


Opening the PortalEdit


"You bring chaos ans destruction to our ordered afterlife. Why are you here?"

We alologise, spirit. We want to rebind the Brother of Strife "You intrude where you have no place. You weaken the rites it took dozens of mages to craft. Are you insane, mortal?"
We must rebind the Brother. That's all that matters. "Perhaps, but spellcasting of this magnitude requires planning, patience, and perfect execution"
What must I do to prove myself? "You persist! Very well. We used three Focus Stones in our binding ritual. Obtain the Focus Stone of Flame from the southern rim of the caldera.

Mind the lava. You look quite flammable."

"You return."

I have the stone. "Do you indeed? Perhaps you aren't as short-sighted as that arrogant Indoril grandmaster"
What should i do next? "Seek out the spirit of Levisii Gilvayn. She was with us during the binding of Sadal. She waits for you now on the stairs above the Caldera."


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