"I might just be a servant among lords, but don't think for a moment I don't take my duties as seriously as the Jarl himself takes his!"


Gerda is a Nord maid in Whiterun found sweeping the floors at Dragonsreach.


Gerda takes her job very seriously and has high respect for Jarl Balgruuf the Greater, shown by dialogue prompted when speaking to her. She is also friendly to the Dragonborn as she tells him that if she gets in their way, they only need to ask her to move.


  • "If my cleaning gets in your way, just say the word and I'll be off."
  • "This here is Dragonsreach, and it's my task to see it looks fit for a Jarl, night and day."
  • "Please! Have mercy... I beg you..." ―During "Battle for Whiterun" for the Stormcloaks.


  • Gerda works from 8 AM to 8 PM, after which she goes to the Dragonsreach Jarl's Quarters to sleep for the night.
  • Gerda may send hired thugs after the Dragonborn if something in Dragonsreach is stolen.


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