"My sword is sharp and my eyes are keen. When the guild needs my strength, I will be ready."

Ghazana is a Redguard member of the Thieves Guild, residing in the Thieves Den within the city of Abah's Landing.


You're a tough one, aren't you? "Tough as nails and twice as sharp! I'm the muscle. Even Velsa appreciates having some muscle around when things go south. And speaking of Velsa, I'm glad she's back."

What's the deal with Velsa? "Velsa was an important figure in the guild before she retired. I'm kind of surprised she came back. Of course, she always preferred her plants over people, but I don't blame her. In my experience, people will disappoint you."
Does the Thieves Guild really need muscle? "Oh, what a delicate flower! Have you never walked the streets of Abah's Landing? Everyone needs muscle! I'm surprised more people don't have them. Stealth and skill will only take a thief so far. It takes muscle to make it the rest of the way."


  • "Come any closer and I will break you."
  • "My sponsor? That would be Thrag. I find his dedication and training techniques to be excellent. I also enjoy watching the way the sweat glistens off his rock-hard muscles. It pleases me a great deal."


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