Lord Ghol is one of the lower lords of Umbriel. His residence is called the Ghol Manor. He is the patron of Qijne's kitchen.


Infernal CityEdit

Lord Ghol got bored for the fourth time in a row by the prandium Oorol had cooked. This led Qijne to kill Oorol and replace him by Slyr and Annaïg. According to Slyr, feeding the lords is not easy. They compete with one another constantly. In addition, she tells that Ghol does not know what he likes. Lord Ghol had plans of becoming the patron of another kitchen, so Annaïg had to work hard in order to satisfy his culinary needs.[1]

Annaïg tries to impress him by sending a complete catfish. Qijne fears that it will be too coarse for his palate. Qijne finally accepts to send the fish up to the manor.[2]

Chef Toel invades Qijne's kitchen slaughtering all the workers except for Slyr and Annaïg, destroying.

Lord of SoulsEdit

Annaïg is woken up by a satisfied Lord Rhel. He tells her that the meal she had prepared for the contest was perfect, since it had made Lord Ix vomit, which he much enjoyed, and it made Ghol laugh, to his delight. He informs Annaïg that her kitchen had won, and she becomes the new leader of the kitchen.[3]



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