Template:SkyrimNPCs Ghorbash the Iron Hand is an Orsimer living in Dushnikh Yal and is the brother of Chief Burguk.

By default, he wears Steel Armor. Choosing the correct dialogue options when speaking to Ghorbash opens him up as a potential follower and candidate for marriage.


Ghorbash served in the Imperial Legion and was known as Ghorbash Gro-Dushnikh. He left the stronghold to go adventuring in his earlier days, thus being exiled. Luckily Chief Burguk was the leader once he returned, and the Chief allowed him to reclaim his spot in the stronghold. Ghorbash claims that he doesn't wish to adventure again, for fear of dishonoring his place the chief had made for him. He can, however, be convinced or bribed into adventuring as a follower.


Despite wearing Heavy Armor, his highest skills are in Light Armor and Archery, with One-Handed and Block being slightly lower level than the two. His skills make him an effective archer. Any combination of a single-handed weapons and shields also suits him. In contrast with followers like Vilkas and Stenvar, Ghorbash is less effective with Heavy Armor and Two-Handed weaponry. As an ex-legionnaire, Ghorbash refuses to equip Stormcloak Armor.

As with many followers, Ghorbash resists arrest if the Dragonborn chooses that option after acquiring a bounty, although he cannot be commanded to steal items from containers, nor will he attack innocent people when commanded. Ghorbash can also join the Blades.

Attacking him enough times will result in the Dragonborn gaining a bounty from the Tribal Orcs.


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