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The Ghost Adventurer is a unique subjugated ghost who can be encountered outside of Rannveig's Fast in Hjaalmarch. He is a Nord ghost under the control of Sild the Warlock. Like other Subjugated Ghosts he is not in control of his actions, and will express remorse, and apologize during battle. Unlike standard Subjugated Ghosts which are classed as bandit warriors, the Ghost Adventurer is classed as a bandit archer.


Rannveig's FastEdit

Find the word of power in Rannveig's Fast.



  • "Is someone there? Stay back! I don't want to attack you!"
  • "I'm sorry! This isn't what I want!"
  • "Stay back or I'll be forced to attack you!"
  • "I don't have any choice! I'm sorry!"
  • "I don't want to do this!"


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